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How To Turn Your Workation Into A Vacation

Featured How To Turn Your Workation Into A Vacation How To Turn Your Workation Into A Vacation

While the rest of the world is soaking in Spain for their summer holiday or visiting waterfalls in the monsoons, are you designated to go on a work trip?

Before you throw yourself a pity party for having to work so hard (even in a different city) while your friends are enjoying the season, this might serve as respite. It's possible to make your work trip seem more like a holiday and here's how you can do it.

1. Confirm Your Schedule

First things first, get your schedule straight. If you've got meetings and calls lined up during your trip, find out when they will be completed. Precisely work out the timings of your schedule so you can plan yours accordingly. This will allow you to plan your free time well in advance.

2. Extend Your Trip

If your business trip is scheduled for the work week, apply to extend it for another two - three days. Taking a few days off will give you more of a chance to explore the place and really enjoy your time without scuttling to work, even if it's only for a short time.

3. Prioritize Work

As tempting as it can seem to play hookey and frolic for the rest of the day, don't forget that this is a work trip first. Hence it's important to focus and complete your scheduled work in a timely manner. This will also make sure that your time post business hours are well-enjoyed and undisturbed.

4. Don't Switch Off

Don't put the 'out of office' email response just yet because like it or not, you're on official duty. That means being plugged into emails and conference calls whenever necessary. Keep your laptop handy at all times so that even if you aren't needed to visit the office, you can still work from a fancy café.

5. Make The Most

Even if you aren't getting days to yourself, learn how to make the best use of your free time rather than spending it holed up in your hotel with room service. Find out local eateries, stories and entertainment of the place so that even if you get a few hours free each evening, you'll be able to do relax and do something new in that time.


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